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Airport Ads delivers high traffic volumes, captive audiences, upper LSM consumers, high impact signage and digital solutions to advertisers. These benefits provide an ideal environment for brands seeking to attract targeted consumers within high dwell time zones through integrated marketing campaigns.

Airport Ads launched in May 2012, showing sustained and exponential growth, to the extent that the offering currently enjoys approximately 60% of total Airport Advertising Revenue Share across all South African Airports. This statistic provides unrivalled evidence as to why we are the leading and most innovative Airport Media Specialist Company in Africa.

We have access to all ACSA-owned airports in South Africa: O. R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg), Cape Town International Airport, King Shaka International Airport (Durban), Port Elizabeth Airport, East London Airport, George Airport, Bram Fischer Airport (Bloemfontein), Kimberley Airport and Upington Airport.

Capture 3.4 million discerning travellers monthly with our unique set of offerings:®Visionet™Airport ClassicAirport ActiveDigital Platforms

Exclusive rights at:
Lanseria, Kruger, Polokwane International Airports and for®

Shared Rights at:
O.R. Tambo, Cape Town, King Shaka International Airports and Regional Airports

Internationally,® has been successfully implemented at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (Lusaka, Zambia). We offer a selection of digital, classic and activation solutions in high dwell-time zones within airport environments.

2012: ACSA Feather Award – Best Advertising Concessionaire for King Shaka International Airport
2013: ACSA Feather Award – Best Advertising Concessionaire for both O. R. Tambo and Cape Town International Airports
2014: ACSA Feather Award – Best Advertising Concessionaire for both O. R. Tambo and King Shaka International Airports
2015: ACSA Feather Award – Best Advertising Concessionaire for both O. R. Tambo and Cape Town International Airports
2016: ACSA Feather Award – Best Advertising Concessionaire for O. R. Tambo International Airport
2017: ACSA Feather Award – Best Advertising Concessionaire for both O. R. Tambo and Cape Town International Airports

Why Airports?

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Airport environments provide opportunities to engage with captive audiences, via multiple touch points and repeated exposure to brand messaging from check-in through to arrival at destination.

• Business and leisure passengers spend at least 72 minutes in O. R. Tambo airport when departing. A dwell time that is highly conducive to repeated and effective brand messaging. The most regular travellers are frequent flyers from the upper income brackets. They have purchasing power as well as an affinity for big ticket brands such as high-end personal accessories and products.

• Travellers are both rushing and dwelling; they’re rushing to catch a flight and waiting to board that flight and also wait to collect their luggage on arrival. This plays out practically in that it drives synergies and increases the consumer’s ability to assimilate advertising messaging.

• Within the airport environment, targeted audiences are not only receptive to brand messaging, but are surrounded by purchase opportunities. By the very nature of travel, they are in a transactional mindset, providing for further assimilation of brand messaging, and is often in the book/change/cancel transactional mindset.

• Travel, flights, hotels, lounges have long-standing associations with credit card programs – the whole travel experience primes the audience to think about transactions and ways to optimise their travels.

Market InsightsConsumer InsightsA.I.RE.M.MIdea: Design & TipsGreen PolicyA.P.ICase Studies

Market Insights

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South Africa’s airports provide an audience of more than 2.3 million well-heeled consumers per month.

Airport Ads shares the key findings of independent research on how many feet travel through airports, and how digital out of home (DOOH) in these environments is benefiting brands.

Consider this: over 2.3 million business and leisure passengers, who are discerning and tech-savvy, pass through South Africa’s airports each month; spending at least 66 minutes in the environment.  And many of these passengers are the SADC region’s key decision makers.

Why do we consistently research?

Before we go further, let’s take a step to the side to answer the following question: Why do we consistently research? To ensure that our numbers are correct and that we continue to provide advertisers with excellent return on investment and pinpoint consumer insight.

As such, we commissioned Millward Brown to study air traveller behaviour and build an effective audience and frequency calculation model which takes into account numerous factors related to air travel environments.

Through the research, we affirmed that the most regular commuters are frequent flyers from the LSM A bracket. They have purchasing power as well as an affinity for big ticket brands such as high-end personal accessories and products.

What research has shown

Through the research, we affirmed that the most regular commuters are frequent flyers from the LSM A bracket. They have purchasing power as well as an affinity for big ticket brands such as high-end personal accessories and products.

We also confirmed that consumers in airports experience something peculiar. They are both rushing and dwelling; they’re rushing to catch a flight and waiting to board a flight.

As experienced marketers will know, the peculiarity of this plays out practically. Essentially, it drives synergies and increases the consumer’s ability to assimilate advertising messaging.

We also know that travellers become a sought-after captive audience as they engage® screens in high dwell time nodes and mitigate their apprehension and enhance their excitement by keeping up to speed with world news, entertainment and lifestyle.

This is the beauty of this fully-fledged digital television channel. However, not many know that the differences between dwell times in large and small airports is not vastly different for arriving passengers. It is different for departing passengers as they spend longer time periods dwelling within particular areas in large airports compared to smaller airports.

Out of Home and Digital Out of Home

The research also shows that of those who verified an advertisement on®, 68% took out a key message and an average of 7.54 out of 10 liked the advertisement. And most importantly, in excess of 74% of brands that flight on® were spontaneously recalled; this is way above the norm. It was also fascinating for us to learn that 40% of respondents reported a willingness to interact with® advertised brands on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Have a think about the implications of that for a moment.

The research also shows that OOH media, essentially an established “bread and butter” medium for any ambitious brand, will grow steadily over the next five years and will reach an estimated total value of R5.1billion by 2019. DOOH’s share of this is expected to be 33%. Successful marketers are considering, and driving, the potential this offers.

In comparison with other media, DOOH is ideal for delivering simple messages with impact to a wide audience. For FMCG Brands, proximity to point of purchase is ideal. DOOH offers this possibility. Big impact usually costs a lot of money, but sometimes a little money can work a lot harder. A DOOH channel such as® has the power to create impact cost effectively. You can target the LSM A consumer with your already-created TV advertisements; and from within your digital budget. Or bring life to your static ads.

The bottom line

When it comes to getting a message across, the bottom line is this: you need to be where your target market is, you need to talk to them in their language and you have to be where your audience’s mind-set is open and ready to assimilate messaging. With the high dwell-time in airports and with the power of®, consumers have the time and the frame of mind to forge affinity with brands.

Consumer Insights

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Consumer Profile

When it comes to targeting an upper income consumer within an ideal environment, Airport Ads offers a range of opportunities for brands wanting to access and influence key decision makers, business executives, luxury travellers and tech-savvy passengers.

Below is a breakdown of the key consumer profiles in an airport environment.

C-Suite Executives

They are found in boardrooms, are highly influential individuals at the height of their career and prefer to travel business or first class. They are business-decision-makers and are highly-esteemed amongst their peers. They sit on the board of other companies and speak at industry conferences.

They appreciate the power of social media and view travel as a necessity, not just a luxury, that allows them to build personal relationships face to face in order to grow their success. They work in banking, finance, consulting and energy.

On average they fly 4 times a year for business and three times a year for leisure. This audience is highly perceptive to advertising in the airport environment and perceive brands in this environment as having a global presence.

Modern Business Travellers

Modern Business Travellers are key influencers who are extremely tech-savvy, often selecting vital technologies for their companies. They travel the globe on business trips, regularly use business class and are extremely affluent. They expect to see advertising in an airport environment, especially B2B.

They book flights on their smartphones and reward themselves with at least three leisure trips a year. In fact, 60% of them are likely to turn a business trip into a holiday.

Luxury Travellers

Luxury travellers travel all over the globe and enjoy the luxury environment offered by airports. They don’t compromise on quality and opt for premium goods and services. They believe it’s worth paying extra for high-end products.

70% of luxury travellers expect to see luxury advertisements at the airport and equate airport advertising with an international and prestigious status. They purchase high-end fashion, luxury cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery and watches at airports. 50% buy alcohol, including whisky, at the airport.

The #Trenders

This audience is made up of the passengers of tomorrow, with over a third falling within the 18 to 34-year-old age bracket. They have different travel habits and expectations to their predecessors. They look for affordable travel and affordable services like Airbnb. They tend to travel in groups with 58% saying that they prefer to travel with friends.

They are connected trendsetters and use social media within an airport environment to share their travel experiences with friends, with72% sharing personal location information with providers. They are digitally savvy and travel with their mind set in “holiday mode” and have time to spare.

They treat themselves with purchases at the airport and consider the goods bought in this environment to be superior to those found in malls. They can create a buzz around a brand and the airport is a great environment for attracting their attention. Airports are one of the most checked-in places on social media.

Tech-savvy Passengers

This consumer cannot do without their latest tech devices and are usually the first amongst their peers to buy new products. The airport is the ideal place for them to buy these items at tax-free rates. They are tech-savvy passengers who like to carry multiple devices and they travel for both business conferences and leisure. Half of them use smartphones for boarding and many of them would like to use their tech devices during flights. As much as 85% of them use apps.

50% want personalised alerts about their flights sent to their mobile devices along with airport maps and directions. Trends like big data, business intelligence analytics, cloud and mobile are making the always connected traveller a reality.

Sources: HVS Global Hospitality Services 2013, Marketing interactive 2015, Financial Times 2014, Airport Trends 2014, The Power of Influence 2013, Reuters 2014, Luxury Society 2014, Traveller Insights 2013.

AIR (Airport Insights and Research)

A division of

We are the only Airport Media Company that has invested in Airport Independent Research (AIR). In Africa the AIR tool tracks accurate media efficacy data as well as passenger behavioural information. The research guides media mix in terms of ensuring that consumers are exposed to the right messaging, at the right time, in the right environment.  Independent research is gleaned within specific zones, and their respective travelers and media types. AIR provides  valuable data such as passenger movement through the Airport, media consumption and advertising recall. The tool furthermore provides research which acts as a guide for renewal of advertising at the various airports  based on reliable media performance research data.


  • Average airport dwell time is 72 minutes
  • Domestic travellers spend the majority of their time in the departure area (83% screen recall)
  • 76% of advertisements’ key messages are recalled
  • Close onto 70% of all brands are recalled
  • 68 % of travellers state® provides personal relevance
  • 91 % of travellers enjoy the news stories

Environmental Media Mapping

A division of


The Environmental Media Mapping (EMM) approach was developed in order to enable the identification and formation of optimal media solutions in a specific environment.

EMM is a planning tool that physically maps media and advertising opportunities within a specific environment, and through which a Strategic Master Plan for each zone of a particular environment is developed. This provides for accurate assessment of the environment in question in order to develop the optimal media solution. The process utilises the best fit of the environment to consumer behaviour, consumer dwell time and emotional state so as to derive the best placement and type of media.

State-of-the-art Mapping System

The selection and placement of the various media types are driven by a unique  state-of-the-art mapping system where the following factors are considered:

  • The existing architecture and aesthetics of each airport
  • The flow of passengers through the airport and each zone
  • The estimated dwell time in each zone
  • The mind-set of the passenger in each zone within the airport
  • The importance of installing “complementary” media types within specific zones in order to achieve multiple engagement.

This methodology and technique has a number of value enhancement benefits, namely:

  • Media formats and materials used are matched, in line with the aesthetics of the airport
  • Matching media format and type with the audience dwell time and mindset, leading to greater media efficacy and lower wastage
  • Once implemented, we are able to accurately measure occupancy per media format and per zone
  • This provides the ability to expose passengers to appropriate media at the correct time thereby enhancing the overall shopper journey

Idea: Design and Tips Specification

A division of

Design Layout

Is your artwork aligned to the environment and the market?

We’re experts in this industry and we can assist with design recommendations. We can supply you with recommendations on layout, branding, legibility and material for each ad format. The three key elements to keep in mind when designing are to keep it simple, make it readable and use contrasting colours.

OOH and DOOH Creative Design Tips

  1. Product Identification: Your brand/message should be instantly recognised/visible from the primary graphic or photograph.
  2. Keep Copy Succinct: Keep copy short and to the point. Do not attempt to deliver too many messages at once.
  3. Typeface: Use a typeface that is legible at variable distances. Also keep in mind that the consumer may be moving while reading, thus the typeface needs to be easy to read.  Use adequate spacing between words.  Words composed of upper and lower case letters are easier to read.
  1. Contrasting Colours: International research shows that contrasting colours improve both legibility and out-of-home advertising recall (by 38%). Contrasting colours improve legibility at any distance.
  2. Digital Design: The key tips of keeping it simple, using readable fonts and contrasting colours are also applicable to DOOH.  There are some tips that apply specifically to DOOH. Avoid using white backgrounds; take advantage of the flexibility offered by DOOH by changing messaging/design regularly. Use multiple designs to tell a story or communicate numerous details.
  3. Production Guidelines and Spec Sheets: Speak to one of our professional representatives in order to be informed of the guidelines and specs of the various formats and offerings available.

Green Policy

A division of


Sustainable marketing is a movement to accept the limitations of marketing philosophy and acknowledge that there is a need to impose regulatory constraints on the market mechanism in economic development, particulary in relation to the impacts of marketing activity on the environment.

Sustainable marketing is an attempt to expand the concept of marketing beyond economic development, using the below three items:

  • Ecological marketing should not negatively impact upon the environment
  • Equitable marketing should not allow or promote inequitable social practices
  • Economic marketing should encourage long-term economic development as opposed to the short-term economic development

Sustainable marketing can further be characterised as the third age of green marketing. In the first age of ecological green marketing, green marketing was concerned with automobile, oil and chemical companies, which encountered specific environmental problems in the production process. In the second age of environmental green marketing, there was the development of the green consumer, which was a consumer who purchased goods usually to avoid negative environmental impacts. The third age of green marketing is sustainable marketing policies, companies will need to lengthen the time horizons under which they achieve returns on their investments. They will have to emphasise the full costs of purchase rather than simply the price paid. We are constantly evaluating ourselves to insure we meet the above three items and third age green sustainable marketing policies.

How Green Is Our Digital Signage Solution?

Historically the digital signage community discussed “green” trends with specific reference to the environmental benefits of LCD signage versus printed paper-based signs. Today however, conversations relate to the significant environmental benefits of LED digital options over LCD screens.

The advent of the new technology has led to the previously unmatched levels of energy efficiency. As organisations analyse the total cost of ownership and long-term operational issues, areas relating to power consumption, recyclability, and the origin of materials have become key buying considerations.

Key ‘Green Policy’ considerations implemented

Power consumption
LEDs use less electricity than compact fluorescent or incandescent light sources. The LEDs in most electronics and devices have a longer lifetime, and generally deliver a more robust light than other types of lighting. Since LEDs do not generate as much heat as LCDs, the need for special cooling components is eliminated.

There are varying degrees to which a manufactured product can be processed into new products. This helps prevent the waste of potentially reusable materials and reduces the consumption of new raw materials. Glass, electronics, and plastics can be reclaimed when digital signage is disposed of properly.

API (Airport Partners International)

A division of

API is the only international representative network for independent airport media owners and concessionaires… worldwide. We have access to 1 in 4 of the world’s air passengers, just using API members’ airport media inventory, via API’s introductions. Airport Ads® are the only selected member on the African Continent.


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Multiple Engagement Touch Points

The thinking behind multiple engagement is one where a blend of media types come together and  enables brands to offer passengers an experience through linked media types. This is achieved by using not only a combination of media formats, but also a precise placement selection thereof through the journey and thus de-risk boredom or disengagement with the execution.

Multiple points of interaction also lends itself to enable a brand to create a story that builds through the passenger journey, making the brand journey an interesting one for passengers and brands an opportunity to connect better with their target consumer.

The various media types serve to deliver a particular objective:

  • Classic – Communicate, Inform, Awareness, Impact
  • Digital – Added Value, Multiple Messaging, Engagement
  • Interactive – Experience

Our Offering


Relevant and entertaining messaging through modern technology platforms:

  • Fully fledged digital television network with audio
  • High dwell zones
  • Over 500 Digital screens


Strategically placed high impact sites that make an impression:

  • Airside
  • Landside
  • Packaged sites and singular sites


Feel, touch and experience the brand at activation stands:

  • Airside
  • Landside
  • Custom-made stand
  • Courts vary between 12m² to 20m²

Mercedes Benz 21 Icons multi-engagement campaign

Mercedes Benz in partnership with 21 Icons educated people on the legends that made South Africa great through invaluable content  on® and entice them with a call to action to win a C-Class through the City Press.

Mercedes Benz has subsequently seen the value of our inventory and has continued to use our platforms to promote their various new models via billboards and®.

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Dell Venue Pro multi-engagement

Dell used our full offering to promote their Venue Pro tablet by booking an activation space in O.R. Tambo to convey the message to passengers, classic sites in Cape Town and King Shaka and a high frequency slot on® at all 3 of these airports to reinforce the message.

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1® BMW Campaign

This campaign for BMW was implemented on the domestic® network at the TOP 3 Major Airports in South Africa namely O.R. Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka domestic terminals.

Their creative execution was around illustrating their 40 year legacy of the 3-series models from when it was first released in 1975 in a build-up to their latest model at the time, which was their 2015 edition. The fact that® has multi-screen groupings made this campaign that much more effect.

Back To Case Studies®

A division of® is a digital placed based television network located in major airports in South Africa and further into Africa. The platform is the ideal digital out-of-home option to target and reach well-heeled travellers within key high dwell-time zones.

• Airport departure waiting areas
• Airport arrival baggage collection areas
• Meet and greet areas
• Security check-in
• Network managed and controlled by Provantage Media Group
• 55/45 advertising to content split
• Commercials are updated daily while content is updated hourly
• Regional split for area specific programming and advertising is available® performs very similarly to television, with a balance of content – such as news, travel and lifestyle – and advertising keeping consumers engaged. As with television, it is imperative that the content is highly creative, resulting in increased impact.

In order to increase reach, it is critical to have a synergistic campaign across a range of media channels. Brands are able to take full advantage of this within the airport environment by investing in® and a selection of other digital, classic and activation offerings.

Brands across a range of categories such as finance, FMCG, motoring and retail feature monthly on®. Based on independent research findings, brands that have flighted effective creative consistently on the platform achieve increased awareness and market presence, and ultimately a greater return on investment.

The Digital Division within PMG offers unrivalled technical support, software and production capabilities. Our content is constantly updated in real-time to air travellers. With desirable content in zero tune out zones,® provides the ideal platform to ensure both visibility and engagement of brand campaigns.® offers brands the following campaign package options: Platinum, Tanzanite and Diamond.

For more information and advice on the various options available, please email our team on

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A division of

Visionet is a large format digital platform, which affords maximum, high-quality, high-impact exposure for advertisers wanting to communicate with a highly desirable upper LSM market at Durban’s King Shaka International Airport.The screen is strategically located in the bustling domestic departures area at the airport where consumers are open to brand messaging and are in the right frame of mind to assimilate and remember.

Visionet is the biggest indoor screen in an airport environment in Southern Africa measuring an impressive 8m by 5m (40m2). The high definition LED digital billboard offers luxury brands a powerful advertising opportunity within a prime location and captive environment.

Coming soon to OR Tambo International Airport and Lanseria International Airport.

For more information on Visionet please email us on

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Airport Classic

A division of

We are one of the largest static airport media owners in Southern Africa and have a dedicated division and expert suppliers that ensure we offer the best design, engineering and flighting services possible.

Airport Classic provides brands the opportunity to captivate and engage high-income business and leisure travellers. High impact sites are available on both airside and landside in all South African national airports, including Lanseria International Airport.

The service offering affords brands a variety of options including billboards, arrivals corridors, boarding areas, and baggage claim areas. Large-scale branding within the airport precinct is not only visible to consumers moving through the airport, but also motorists and passengers travelling on busy routes alongside airports.

The exclusive platforms are highly impactful due to their impressive size and location, taking the message to the relevant audience when that audience is highly receptive to it.

For more information on Airport Classic please email us on

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Airport Active

A division of

Airport Active offers brands the opportunity of face-to-face engagement with an affluent target audience with Activation Courts available on both Landside and Airside zones at all airports in the portfolio.

The benefit of experiential marketing or activations is that it is personal. A consumer can physically, mentally, emotionally and sensorially engage with a brand in an environment where they are receptive to the messaging. Furthermore, activations provide the opportunity for consumers to sample a product, ask questions and participate in some way that makes them feel a part of the brand.

The key to effective activations is ensuring that the campaign is a perfect fit to environment, consumer and consumer’s state of mind. Technology plays an important role in extending the activations experience. We continually research the latest development and offer new and improved technologies to brands.  We offer the integration of activations, augmented reality and beacons on classic platforms which makes the brand ‘come alive’ on a mobile device, providing for even more personalised interaction, all within the airport environment.

This provides precise measurability – from actual app downloads to engagement levels with specific creative within various locations, through to the final purchase conversion. Augmented reality unites the physical and digital into a new reality of immersive experiences that drives engagement, innovation, and conversions. This is the ideal example through which to highlight how the effectiveness of strategic Integration of the various options available from Airport Ads is able to deliver a very effective and measurable return on investment for brands.

For more information on Airport Active please email us on

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Digital Platforms

A division of

Charging Stations
Air Travellers are constantly engaging with their mobile devices, from check in through to arrival at destination. Airport Ads offers travellers the opportunity to conveniently charge their devices at strategically placed charging stations within certain high dwell areas. The Charging Stations are placed next to seating areas and lounges where passengers and the general public are able to have a seat close by while they charge their device. Branding opportunities on Charging Stations are available through a 32” portrait LED screen on one facing, and an illuminated vinyl board on the reverse. The units are positioned where passengers and the public are most receptive to brand messaging and where the average dwell time is more than 5 minutes. This ensures that those needing a much needed power boost for their mobile device are in the correct environment and mindset to interact with the stations.

Digital Pods and Digital Totems
Digital Pods and Totems are freestanding units that are not dependent on structural pillars for placement. The location within the airport for the Pods and Totems will have an average dwell time of 5 minutes; hence the consumption of the message during times of idleness and waiting is greatly increased. Airport Ads Pods and Totems allow for illumination, animation and synchronised movement, therefore attracting attention through these mechanics and stimuli. Airport Ads also offer Digital Pillars however they are dependent on structural pillars for placement.

Sample Dispensing Machines
Sample Dispensing Machines are placed in high dwell time zones. In these zones passengers and the general public are in a relaxed mindset and therefore able to interact with the units by utilising it to experience and try new/existing products.The units are placed next to seating areas and lounges, therefore the traveler is able to utilise the unit while waiting to board. Zones chosen for the placement of the units are based on the mindset and average dwell times greater than 15 minutes within the zone.

For more information on our Digital Solutions please email us on

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Meet Our Team

Mzukisi (Mzi) Deliwe

Mzukisi (Mzi) Deliwe

Deputy CEO
Mzi is our resident die-hard golfer, a.k.a. The Tiger Woods of Airport Ads. A true mentor in all senses, he is a dedicated team leader who consistently goes above and beyond to assist and share his expertise and experience. A real go-getter, Mzi has adopted and is guided by a Wayne Dyer quote – “It’s never crowded along the extra mile”. The consummate professional, Mzi’s top bucket list item is playing at the US Open Pro Am.
Antoinette Abrahams

Antoinette Abrahams

National Sales Manager
Antoinette is highly motivated, energetic (required when you’re the mother) and results-driven with extensive media and marketing experience. She’s known for turning heads and is passionate about media, shopping and keeping fit (although we’re not sure about the order). Her strong networking and communication skills are invaluable, particularly when it comes to selling absolutely anything!
Bonolo Mmebe

Bonolo Mmebe

Sales Assistant
Bonolo has the voice of a nightingale, often breaking out into song, irrespective of the mood in the office. Her love for music is legendary, however as much as she’d love to ‘make the circle bigger’ at parties, she’s best known for having two left feet! A joker and entertainer at heart, Bonolo loves watching animated movies and taking selfies.
Llewellyn Absalom

Llewellyn Absalom

Trade Marketing Specialist
Llewellyn is a fitness fanatic and borderline nerd who wakes up at 4.30am to go to gym - even in winter! Tech savvy, analytical and creative, his colleagues view him as the walking encyclopedia. Perhaps that’s why in social circles he’s known as Uncle Llew! Enthusiastic about food and travel, Uncle Llew listens more than he talks and is everyone’s work husband.
Claudia Duvenage

Claudia Duvenage

Business Process Administrator
Claudia is a project manager extraordinaire. She is so adept at policing that her colleagues commonly refer to her as ‘the traffic officer’. An energetic, hardworking individual that never shy’s away from a challenge, ‘Clauds’ has a soft side, including a love for wine, good food and great company. Her rugby knowledge is as unparalleled as many men would attest to!

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FAW drives its message home with Airport Ads at ORT


FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA, which provides an array of highly robust, reliable and affordable products engaged Airport Ads™ for its ‘Your Partner in Wealth’ campaign. The campaign saw the manufacturer branding…

Provantage Media Group’s Airport Ads Launches Visionet at Lanseria

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is becoming increasingly popular within airport environments – according to Airport World magazine, it now accounts for between 20% and 40% of sales at large...

Marketers rejoice as tourists flock through Cape Town Int. Airport


Who doesn’t love Cape Town, best-known for its iconic Table Mountain? Voted the second-best city in the world to visit in 2017[i] by Lonely Planet, and Best City in The…

OOH flies high in airports as passenger numbers increase


Air travel is booming. The number of trips taken by plane somewhere in the world could increase to around 13 billion by 2030 and demand for air travel has doubled…

Provantage Media Group: 100% South African and Black-owned with BEE Level 1 status


Leading out-of-home company Provantage Media Group is proud to announce that they have just been awarded a Level 1 B-BBEE rating by Grant Thornton – the highest BEE rating achievable….

Airport Ads® implements nationwide campaign for Telkom


Airport Ads® has implemented a highly visible, targeted, national campaign for Telkom’s Free Me offering. With the primary target consisting of business and leisure travellers, the creative appears on strategically…

Airport Ads® implements campaign for EY


Airport Ads® has recently implemented a campaign for multi-national company EY in order to showcase their Building a Better Working World messaging and creative. A strategically located Airport Ads® site…

MTN Goes Static with Airport Ads®


MTN, South African based international mobile operator and World Branding Awards 2016 Brand of the Year winner certainly understands the power of branding and marketing.  And it also understands the…

KPMG Lights up Cape Town International Airport


Global consulting firm, and member of ‘the Big Four’, KPMG was one of the participants in the largest annual Mining deal making and networking event – Mining Indaba.  The event…

Airport Ads® celebrates its first year of exclusive media rights at Lanseria


Airport Ads®, a division of leading out of home company Provantage Media Group is celebrating the completion of its first full year of holding sole media rights for all advertising…

Coke engages consumers with Airport Ads® at Polokwane International Airport


World number one soft drinks brand Coca-Cola has commissioned Airport Ads® to implement its ‘Enjoy the Feeling’ campaign at Polokwane International Airport, making it one of the very first brands…

Pearl Valley at home with Airport Ads®


Western Cape residential estate Pearl Valley is promoting its idyllic lifestyle through various Airport Ads® platforms within the Cape Town International Airport precinct.  Described as the epitome of golf and…

Airport Ads® serves up Bain’s Single Grain Whisky


Bain’s Single Grain Whisky pays tribute to Andrew Geddes Bain, who built the Bainskloof Pass that connects the town of Wellington to the interior of the country. Continuing with the…

Bidvest commissions Airport Ads®


The highly dynamic and entrepreneurial Bidvest Bank is exposing passengers and visitors passing through Cape Town International Airport to its ‘let’s get it done’ campaign during November and December.  The…

Airport Ads® takes Huawei to Airport Consumers


Huawei Enterprise has selected the Airport Ads® classic offering at Cape Town International Airport in order to communicate its ‘Build a Better Connected World’ Campaign. The brand offers a broad…

Lauren Kruger joins Airport Ads®


Airport Ads®, a division of Provantage Media Group, is proud to announce the appointment of Lauren Kruger as Marketing Manager. Kruger brings with her exceptional skills in terms of marketing…

Airport Ads® secures exclusive media rights at Polokwane International Airport


Airport Ads®, a division of leading out of home company Provantage Media Group, have been awarded the exclusive media rights for advertising opportunities within the Polokwane International Airport precinct. The…

Airport Ads® drives Jaguar F-PACE


A stunning three-month campaign has successfully launched the all-new Jaguar F-PACE luxury car to airport travellers. The vehicle was introduced to well-heeled passengers via a number of strategically placed Airport…

FAW targets Business Travellers through Airport Ads®


To celebrate 20 years in the South African market, FAW has commissioned Airport Ads® to build further awareness of their brand amongst influential business decision-makers who travel through the busy…

SA airports provide audience of over 2 million well-heeled consumers


Mzukisi Deliwe, spokesperson for Airport Ads®, shares the key findings of independent research on how many feet travel through airports, and how digital out of home (DOOH) in these environments…

Airport Ads® erects gantries at Lanseria International Airport


Photo caption: Mzukisi Deliwe of Airport Ads® stands with Claudia Vianello of Lanseria International Airport. Airport Ads®, a division of Provantage Media Group, will now be providing another golden opportunity…

Airport Ads acquires rights to Regional Airports


Airport Ads® is proud to announce the acquisition of sole concessionaire rights to all the interior inventory advertising opportunities at ACSA’s six Regional Airports. These airports include coastal and inland…

Airport Ads® showcases Audi’s sportiness


South Africa’s main airports exude exclusivity and innovation and therefore provide an optimal out of home environment for showcasing luxury motorcars and other high-end international brands. In line with this,…

Investec spreads message through Airport Ads®


Investec has partnered with Airport Ads® in order to brand strategically placed billboards in both King Shaka International Airport (Durban) and Lanseria International Airport (Johannesburg). The exclusive platforms are highly…

Nedgroup Investments partners with Airport Ads® at Lanseria International Airport


Premier financial institution Nedgroup Investments has commissioned Airport Ads® to brand various platforms at Lanseria International Airport, in order to effectively communicate the brand message to an upper income traveller…

Airport Ads® awarded media rights at Lanseria International Airport


Airport Ads®, a division of the leading out of home company Provantage Media Group, have been awarded the rights for advertising opportunities within the Lanseria International Airport precinct. Mzukisi Deliwe,…

Investec sponsors’s Business News


Investec is sponsoring the business news on® – a fully-fledged digital television channel that airs in 9 ACSA-managed airports throughout South Africa, as well as Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport….

Mercedes takes flight with Airport Ads®


The Mercedes-AMG GT S has found its place at Cape Town International Airport with two distinct, extremely well-located sites. The sites showcase the luxury car on a large scale, capturing…

Bank of China launches campaign with Airport Ads®


Air travellers arriving at OR Tambo International Airport will be graced by a large scale wall branding for the Bank of China. The site covers over 30 metres in length…

American Swiss sparkles with Airport Ads®


American Swiss is attracting the attention of international and domestic flyers through a branding campaign implemented by Airport Ads®. The well-known jewellery brand has taken key sites at Cape Town…® has extended its reach to the international terminal in OR Tambo


Airport Ads®, a division of Provantage Media Group, has unveiled its new® screens located in key areas across the international departures terminal at OR Tambo International Airport.® has…

Gautrain lights up with Airport Ads®


With the objective of targeting the travel and tourism market, Airport Ads® has implemented a highly focused, strategic campaign for the Gautrain brand. For the next 12 months, travellers will…

Gauteng Tourism reaches tourists through AirportAds®


The flighting of the Gauteng Tourism commercial on® has proved so successful that the brand has not only renewed its contract, but has appointed other key offerings within the…

Sasfin and Audi renew® sponsorships


The exposure on® has been so successful for high-end brands Sasfin and Audi, that both have renewed their sponsorships on the digital television channel. Sasfin has branded the News…

RwandAir takes flight with Airport Ads®


To launch its new three-times-a-week route from Johannesburg to Lusaka, RwandAir is advertising on the highly successful® in Zambia. To further promote the route, the airline has branded the…

Mercedes Benz targets Air Travellers


Luxury car brand Mercedes Benz is targeting both business and leisure travellers at Cape Town International Airport. The brand has commissioned Airport Ads®, a division of Provantage Media Group, to…

Mercantile Bank communicates to entrepRISKeneur’s with Airport Ads®


Great campaigns start with knowing the audience – their habits, their likes, their wants and their needs. This knowledge also encompasses how that audience assimilates brand messaging. In terms of…

Airport Ads® awarded advertising rights at Lusaka Airport


Airport Ads®, a division of Provantage Media Group, has won the rights to the digital advertising platforms at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in the Zambian capital, Lusaka. The concession…

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