Provantage Media Group is proud to introduce Transit AdsTM into the South African Media Industry. Transit AdsTM is our new Transit Media Brand and the market leader in Transit Advertising in South Africa.

Transit AdsTM has consolidated all our Transit Media assets under one umbrella and offers advertisers unprecedented access to millions of taxi, bus and rail commuters, making it SouthAfrica’s largest Transit Media brand. South Africa’s largest and leading Transit Media Company, Transit AdsTM comprises of a dedicated team of Transit Media specialists that have an expert understanding of the South African commuterbase and their behaviour. We have also made substantial investments in Transit Track to offer advertisers more accurate research information and efficacy research.

In partnership with Millward Brown, Transit Track serves to provide accurate and independent research results. The research is run in key commuter hubs several times a year and brings key insights into commuter behaviours (shopping & commuting) and measures the effectiveness of advertising”.

Our range and network of media opportunities and commuter touch points span across all the major commuter nodes in South Africa and Transit AdsTM offers multiple engagement opportunities including Digital, Mobile, Static and Activation mediums. If you want to expose your brand to millions of economically-active commuters that form the backbone of the South African economy then Transit AdsTM is the company to assist you in doing so.

The South African Commuter Base

Over 16.6 million South African consumers are dependent on public transport every week and key infrastructure developments such as new intermodal transit facilities, passenger rail stations and various Bus Rapid Transport systems offer various new media opportunities.

Taxis still dominate as the main mode of transportation nationally followed by buses and then rail. We have already seen a major shift in commuting patterns from taxis to BRT systems and we expect this trend to continue nationally as these systems become operational in other cities.

The power of Transit Media is undisputed as this media channel reaches economically-active consumers on a frequent basis with incredible reach and very low wastage levels.

Commuter Patterns

Commuter Numbers12.5 million weekly2.8 million weekly1.2 million weekly
LSM Profile5-74-75-7
% Household Purchasers81%79%80%
Household Income (per month)R12,000R13,405R12,400

These commuters pass through commuting hubs and transit interchanges at least twice a day. Due to the time spend commuting, commuters transact and gather information on their way to and from work. Commuters want convenience and continue to shop at stores closer to the transit environment. Accessibility of product, services and information has become the norm within these zones.


Taxi Branding

The South African Taxi Industry transports 76% of the commuter base. It remains the dominant mode of public transportation in South Africa and is estimated to generate R16.5 billion per annum.

Taxis transport over 12.5 million commuters weekly and offer communities mobility and access to the economy and basic services.There have been significant investments made in the formalisation of taxi ranks nationally and we have access to most of the major taxi commuter hubs nationally, which has led to new media opportunities. Transit AdsTM has formal relationships with 42 major taxi associations nationally and we have successfully executed a large number of taxi media campaigns over the last 10 years.

We have dedicated rank ambassadors in all the major ranks ensuring our relationships with our taxi industry partners are managed and that all our campaigns are effectively executed.

Transit AdsTM offers a number of exterior and interior taxi advertising formats nationally. Taxi advertising is very successful due to the ability of taxis to penetrate both urban and rural environments nationally on a repeat basis every day. This ensures that advertisers’ messages can successfully target economically-active commuters frequently.

Exterior Taxi Advertising is one of the most effective forms of Out of Home advertising in South Africa and ensures that advertisers achieve huge exposure on a very frequent basis. The fact that 78% of commuters have seen a branded taxi in the last 7 days testifies to the efficacy of this medium. Transit AdsTM has developed interior and exterior taxi branding formats that ensures flexibility and they are as follows:

Exterior & Interior Taxi Branding Formats



Provantage was the first media company to launch in Taxi TV in (2007), which was followed by the launch of the expanded TRANSIT.TVTM network in 2013.

TRANSIT.TVTM is South Africa’s largest digital placed-based network and is located in train stations, taxi ranks, a bus depots and inside taxis nationally. The station has a proud history and has been very successful in adding value to millions of commuters every day and keeping them informed and entertained during their daily commute.

Transit AdsTM is proud to announce the further expansion of the network, which will increase the audience of the station to 10.4 million a month.

We offer our viewers live content streaming utilising the latest broadband and satellite technology, broadcasting to a national network of high definition screens. Our proven experience in Digital Out Of Home Media, coupled with our dedicated technical support ensures the quality of our viewers experience.

The Network

TRANSIT.TVTM is managed and controlled by Transit AdsTM and allows for regional and geographical specific programming and advertising.

Station Controls And Reporting

  • The station utilises a combination of 3G and Wi-Fi networks to ensure delivery in real time.
  • Live operational tracking daily.
  • Technical teams and rank ambassadors in all TRANSIT.TVTM stations and ranks.
  • Monthly system flighting schedules and reports are generated and presented to client.


Relevant content is key to provide advertisers with an engaged audience and retain interest in the channel. The content generated at the station has been put together to entertain, educate and inform commuters.

Content is divided into 5 main segments, namely: News, Sport, Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle. In line with our objective to engage commuters, content streams and genres are regularly tracked and commuter appeal monitored to enable the delivery of high desirable content.


In partnership with Millward Brown, Transit Track delivers regular channel and advertising efficacy data and provides key insights into commuter behaviours and shopping patterns within commuter nodes.

  • 12 out of 15 brands were recalled spontaneously.
  • Emphasizing value deals on Transit TVTM and can drive persuasion towards a brand. Value offerings were recalled by up to 65% of commuters.
  • 87% of commuters enjoy watching news related content.

Rank Dominance

Transit AdsTM has secured the exclusive advertising rights to some of the biggest taxi ranks and commuter nodes nationally. Taxi Rank branding allows advertisers to brand the entire commuter facility and expose their brand to theentire commuter base.

We have developed various advertising formats and executions that are available as part of Taxi Rank Branding and these include Canopy Signs, Destination Signs and Routing Signs.


Powa Towas

We also offer Powa Towas as part of our outdoor product portfolio in key commuter nodes nationally. Powa Towas are 12m high large format container structures securely placed in high volume commuter traffic flow areas within strategically selected taxi ranks and shopping malls.

Media opportunities have been developed within these environments to deliver cost-effective impact and exposure.


Bus Branding

The South African Bus Industry has seen major developments over the last decade with the introduction of various Bus Rapid Transportation Systems in certain cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. Buses transport 2.8 million commuters weekly and is a part of the integrated transportation system.

Bus Advertising is one of the most accepted Out of Home advertising formats internationally and offers advertisers massive impact and exposure. Transit AdsTM has contracts with numerous Bus Operator Companies throughout South Africa including exclusive advertising rights for the MyCiTi network in Cape Town.

Exterior Bus Branding Formats

Exterior Bus Ads offer advertisers fantastic exposure that can be managed geographically. Imagine a 48-sheet billboard that will travel well over 5000km on key routes every month. This is exactly why a fully branded bus will offer unmatched impact and exposure. The impact of a fleet of branded buses deliver great value and the fleet can also be rotated and deployed on different routes during the campaign period to maximise reach and the production investment. Transit AdsTM offers the following Exterior Bus Ads formats:

Interior Bus Branding Formats

Interior Bus Ads maximise exposure to bus passengers during their daily journeys.
Interior Bus Ads are an ideal medium for communicating detailed messaging and tactical campaigns.
Transit AdsTM has developed a number of high visibility bus advert formats to ensure that all passengers inside of the bus have clear visual access for the full duration of their bus journey. Only one brand is placed in each bus at any time, which guarantees total dominance of the bus interior environment.


Train Station Ads

The Passenger Rail Industry in South Africa has changed substantially over the last 5 years with the formation of PRASA and a number of large railway stations have been upgraded to include retail and intermodal facilities.

R51 billion is earmarked for further upgrading the rail commuter infrastructure nationally over the next 10 years and this will significantly enhance the rail commuter experience. 1.2 million South Africans travel by rail every week, representing 8% of the total commuter base. Rail commuting and the large intermodal hubs forms an integral part of the national commuter infrastructure and links up with the various BRT systems and the taxi industry.

Transit AdsTM has exclusive rights to all interior media and activations in the top 153 stations and we are the only Transit Media Company that offers a wide range of rail commuter media opportunities to advertisers which include Digital, Static and Activation opportunities.

Station branding

Transit AdsTM offers a wide range of static advertising opportunities and billboards inside 153 PRASA Train Stations nationally. These stations offer unmatched exposure to millions of rail commuters and our range of adverting opportunities are strategically positioned to offer maximum exposure and impact that builds massive reach due to the frequency of the rail commuters’ journeys.

Train station branding include:

  • Station billboards

Commuter ActiveTM

Transit AdsTM in cooperation with our ProActive Activation Agency offers a wide range of activation services at all the largest taxi ranks, bus depots and railway stations nationally. We also offer activation services inside taxis, buses and trains. These are tailored, taking the brand messaging and environmental realities into consideration. We offer in-house creative solutions and our national operations and logistics infrastructure ensures that all campaigns are professionally executed.

Activation in transit nodes plays an important role in extending brand engagement and purchase persuasion, which has proven to be very effective.

  • 85% of commuters know what brands they want before they get to the store, but 69% will select the cheapest brand from a repertoire of acceptable brands. Driving a value equation and the benefits of a brand are better strategies than discounting continuously which can devalue a brand.
  • 80% of commuter’s support vendors for airtime and snacks – possibly because of the convenience of these businesses. Supporting these entrepreneurs can extend brand accessibility.
  • More than half of Transit commuters are now shopping closer, up to 5 minutes’ walk, from the taxi rank or train station.
  • 66% of Transit commuters buy on impulse.

“Face-to-face” campaigns are very successful in achieving results for brands and adds an experiential element to campaigns that are often executed in the local vernacular. Our services include a detailed report as well as “dipstick research”, which provides advertisers with valuable insights.

Our Services Include:

Shamy Naidu

Shamy Naidu

Executive Director Media Division

Hugh Wilson

Hugh Wilson

National Sales Manager

Jackie Olivier

Jackie Olivier

GM Media Operations

Steve Inman

Steve Inman

Sales Manager

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